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Pay Annually

Pay Annually

When your TimeKeeper trial ends, you can now pay for TimeKeeper annually, at a discounted rate, by pre-purchasing a number of seats. You can add more seats at any time in your account.

Should I have a monthly or annual plan?

This is entirely your choice, but we've included some details on both options below.

Annual Plan
The annual plan is the best value and can make for simpler accounting on your business side.

- One off payment per year
- 10% Discount on per employee per month cost
- Annual Contract
- Discounted Add-ons (2 months free)

Annual Plans will be charged instantly, as will additional seats or feature add-ons.

Monthly Plan
The monthly plan is more expensive but you only pay for what you use on a monthly basis.

- Recurring payment per month
- Rolling Monthly contract

When adding additional seats or feature add-ons to a monthly subscription, this will be added to the next bill.

How do I add seats to my annual plan?

If you need to add more seats at any time, you can do so under the Subscription section of Billing.

Select 'add more seats', input your required quantity and select the 'Buy X Seats' button - you will be charged instantly.

Updated on: 15/03/2024

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