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Does TimeKeeper have an Offline Mode?

Short answer is no.

We did have but removed for a good reason. Here's the story.

We actually added this to our software in 2019 but we ran into a whole heap of issues with customers getting confused by the offline functionality. The way the offline functionality worked was if an employee clocked in offline - then whenever the device came back online we'd sync the data up to TimeKeeper.

This all sounds like a great feature and functionally it worked. However for our business and for our customers it caused a lot of issues.

To give you an idea of what happened:

- Employees came in to an offline device and clocked in at 8am
- The administrator comes into work at 9am and sees no one has clocked in yet as the device is still offline. So the administrator manually adds times for the employees.
- The device finally comes back online at 10am and sends the clock ins up to TimeKeeper. Now TimeKeeper has two clock ins for these employees and a conflict is created.
- The conflict creates confusion and a support request is raised at TimeKeeper. We explain what has happened.

So essentially the feature was built to avoid this but this pattern repeated across customers making the feature useless. So to make everyone lives simple we removed the feature in early 2020.

Updated on: 06/07/2022

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