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Share Company Documents

A common requirement for businesses is to share company procedures and policies with employees. Luckily you can do that in TimeKeeper!

Add a new Company Document

Firstly you need to add a new company document. Simply go to Company > Documents in the sidebar.

Then click 'New Company Document' which will bring you to the screen to add a new document.

Firstly, select the document in question.

Add a note if you would like for employees to see.

If you would like all employees, or a specific team of employees to see - simply select that option

If you want to make the document visible or hidden, you can do this by toggling the checkbox.

Finally to add, click the green add new company document button.

View a Company Document

Employees can view company documents either via the web or via the mobile app.

Mobile App

In the mobile app, if the employee (in mobile mode) goes to 'Services' > 'Company Documents' should be visible.

This will show any company documents that have been enabled for them to view. They can click on the document to open it as well as read the note you have left.

On the Web

Employees who use the web portal can also view the shared company documents on the Home screen.

If you'd like to add a document to an individual employee's profile, you can do so by following our separate guide here.

Updated on: 19/10/2023

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