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Can You Explain My Bill?

Why is my second bill higher?

TimeKeeper charges £3.50 per employee per month excl. VAT. So if you had 10 employees then we'd charge 10 * 3.50 = £3.50 + VAT = £42.

Typically customers who subscribe wonder why the second bill in TimeKeeper is higher than the first bill. Let us explain below.

Imagine you were on trial with TimeKeeper and signed up with 5 employees. On the subscription date, we'd upgrade your account and charge you 5 * £3.50 + VAT = £21.

During the course of that first month, you added 10 new employees. On your subscription renewal, you would expect a bill of 15 * £3.50 + VAT = £63.

However the bill will be higher than this, the reason being is that 10 employees were added in January that were not billed for in the previous month. So let's say they were on for half the month, we'd add on 10 * £1.75 = £17.50 for those 10 employees, as they were on for half the month.

This is a common occurrence when adding employees after your first subscription. The next month bill will level out again at 15 * £3.50 + VAT = £63.

Does it work the opposite way?

Yes - if you archived 10 employees, let's say half way through the month and we had billed for them, we'll credit 10 * 1.75 = £17.50 off your next bill.


TimeKeeper will bill you for £3.50 per employee per month. If an employee is added during a month, we will pro-rate their cost based on the number of days they were active on the platform. If they weren't billed for, we'll add that onto your next bill. If they were billed for, and you archived them - then we would credit that against your next bill.

It's actually a fair mechanism for the business and customer, you pay exactly for the time each employee was on during the month.

Updated on: 17/05/2023

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