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Permission Levels FAQs

Which permissions does each role have in the system?

Which employees can team managers or managers see information for?

Team Managers can view or edit the relevant information for employees in the teams they manage. Managers can view information for anyone they are set as manager for; you can set a manager in the 'Access & Permissions' tab of an employees profile. Setting a direct manager in this way means they will receive an employees leave requests and 'forgotten to clock in/out' reminders via email.

Can employees see other team members information?

No. By default an employee can only see their own timesheet and leave.

When requesting leave, they will be notified if a team member has a conflicting leave entry already, but they do not have access to the Wall Calendar in order to view other team members' leave. If you'd like employees to view an anonymised version of the Wall Calendar (ie. no leave types visible), reach out to and we can enable this.

Who can edit timesheets?

'Edit timesheets' means the ability to edit existing entries, create new time entries or edit the details of a time entry. By default, only admins and team managers can edit timesheets. Managers have 'read only' permission for timesheets - if you'd like to grant them permission to edit timesheets, reach out to and we can enable this.

If you run approvals, you can configure your approval settings so that either 'managers and superior', 'team manager and superior', or 'only administrators' can approve timesheets.

If you'd like your employees to submit manual timesheets, you can enable this is in their 'Access & Permissions' tab.

What is the 'Who's In' report?

'Who's In' is a live report, which shows employees who are currently clocked in, with either they kiosk location or mobile GPS location. By default only managers, team managers and admins have access to this report. If you'd like employees to have access to this report, you can set them as a 'Fire Marshall' on their 'Access & Permissions' tab. This gives them the ability to run a roll call in an emergency.

Who can schedule shifts?

By default, the rota planner is only visible to admins. If you'd like your team managers or managers to view and edit your shift rota, reach out to and we can enable this.

Who can manage jobs?

By default, anyone can clock into a job, view a job in the app, add notes, signatures or photos. Only an admin can view a job in the web portal in order to edit other job details, such as the geofence location or job documents.

Who can view employee pay rates / employee profiles in the directory?

Only admins and team managers can view an employee's profile, which includes their pay rate. The Staff Timesheet report will also include estimated pay, when exported by an admin or team manager. Managers do not have visibility of an employees pay rate or estimated pay - this column will be blank in their Staff Timesheet export.

Updated on: 02/05/2024

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