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Manager Kiosk Mode

By default, administrators have access to activate kiosk mode. Kiosk mode being where multiple employees can log in via the one device using a combination of their 4 digit pin and then clocking in or out. The default for managers is that they cannot access kiosk mode but if you want, this can be enabled by following the steps below.

Go to the employee profile of the manager in question
Click 'This Manager can access kiosk mode'.

Press 'Update Employee'.

Now when the manager logs into the TimeKeeper app, they will be asked if they want to activate employee mode or kiosk mode.

Who can Clock in via a Manager Kiosk?

By default, a manager kiosk will only allow employees who are managed by this manager, to clock in via this kiosk. Employees not managed by this manager will be unable to clock in and out via this manager's kiosk.

Enable all employees to clock in via a Manager Kiosk?

In the event, that you want all employees to clock in via a manager kiosk, please follow the instructions below.

Go to the 'Account' section of the web portal
Click 'Enable All Employees To Clock In/Out Via a Manager Kiosk'

Click 'Save Settings'

Now any employee can clock in via a manager kiosk.

As always, if anything is unclear feel free to reach out to us for help over chat or at

Updated on: 26/10/2023

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