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Instant Employee Messenger Add-On

Employee messaging can be enabled under Account > Add Ons. You can also specify whether employees can message other employees, or whether employees can create group chats.

To send a message in the app, employees can tap on 'Chat' and tap the icon in the right hand corner. Employees can send GIFs by entering the slash key, and searching for the GIF using Giphy. Employees can respond to messages with reactions, or can reply to a message in a thread. Read receipts will indicate if a message has been read.

Employees who have permission can create group chats by tapping 'New Group Chat' and selecting the employees they'll like to add to the new group, as well as giving the group a name. The group creator is assigned as Moderator, so can delete messages, and remove participants from the chat.

Instant messaging can also be accessed from the TimeKeeper web portal. Employees who have permission can create new group chats, and moderators can delete messages or remove participants from the chat. Employees can view their messages in the web portal, and send responses or reactions.

Updated on: 26/10/2023

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