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Setting up a Kiosk

How to set up your kiosk (tablet) clock in station

If you'd like multiple employees to clock in via one device, you'll need to set up Kiosk mode.

First, you'll need to create a Kiosk Location that this device will be linked to. All clock ins via your Kiosk will be linked to that Location (as well as any nearby mobile clock ins, if you set a geoboundary around the address).

Once you have created your Kiosk Location, you can download the TimeKeeper app to your device, and log in with your administrator details. When prompted, select 'Kiosk mode', then select which Location you'd like to link this device to. Employees are then ready to clock in using their 4 digit pin to identify themselves.

(Managers can also set up new Kiosks, if the setting 'This manager can access kiosk mode' is ticked in their Access & Permissions tab. Only the employees they manage will be able to clock in via that kiosk, unless the setting 'Enable all employees to clock in/out via Manager Kiosk' is ticked in your main Account settings)

Updated on: 25/10/2023

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