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Configure Manual Timesheets

By default, employees have to clock in and out to have their time recorded in TimeKeeper. However, perhaps you don't want employees to have to clock in and out each day, but instead submit a manual timesheet at the end of the week. TimeKeeper also supports that! Here's a video below and a set of written instructions on how to get set up.

Firstly, you can to configure each employee that has access to create manual timesheets. To do this:

Permission the employee to have manual timesheet access

Go to the employee directory
Click the edit button on the employee
Head to the 'Access & Permissions tab', click "Can Access the Mobile App" and then "Can Submit Manual Timesheets"

Then an employee can manually create timesheets for themselves on mobile.

Creating a manual timesheet as an employee

Log in to the TimeKeeper app with your employee details
Click "Services"
Click "My Timesheet"
If you have permission this employee correctly, you will see a plus icon on the top right hand corner of the screen. Click that
Fill out the fields on the app screen and click "Add Time Entry". That's a manual time entry added.
To update a time entry, just click on the row in the "My Timesheet" view.

Updated on: 03/11/2023

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