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Managing Clock In/Out Time Entries

This guide is for the original time entries management screen - personally we much prefer the employee time entries screen which can be much quicker for editing. To view the guide for that screen - please click here Managing Employee Time Entries

Adding a Time Entry

Sometimes it's required for time entries to be added for an employee. Only certain users have permission to do this - follow the guide below to add clock in/out times for an employee.

Click the Manage menu - and then click 'Time Entries'. You will be brought to the time entries screen for the current week.

Navigate to the correct week if looking for a date in the previous week. Click the left arrow to go back a week, right arrow to go forward a week (if possible)

Click Add Time Card

Select Employee who you want to add a time card for, their clock in date and time and their clock out date and time.  Click Add Time Card.

Optionally select the Job clocking to, and location they clocked in and out from - if this is relevant to where they clocked in/out for your reports.

All being well, you should see a new time card entry for that employee on that date.

Editing an Existing Time Entry

Sometime you may need to edit a time entry for an employee, typically this is as they forgot to clock out and need their time edited. The process is much the same following the instructions below.

Filter by the Employee and Date in question to help you find the time entries in question, then click "Get Time Entries"

The time entries will show below, to edit a specific time entry - just click the pencil icon on the time entry you want to edit

Simply edit the times for clock in and clock out and press "Update Time Card" to save your changes to the time entry.

Deleting a Time Entry

Very similar to editing an existing time entry, filter the time entries in question

The time entries show below, to delete a specific time entry, just click the trash can icon on the time entry you want to delete. Then you will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the time entry - press yes to confirm.

Conflicting Time Entries

A common issue administrators run into is "conflicting time entries" error message which says the below "These times conflict with another existing time entry for this employee". What this means is that this time entry overlaps with an existing time entry, e.g. the employee may be already clocked in and has a time entry for that day, and if you added a manual time entry on top of that - we can't add that as it conflicts with their existing time entry. In that case, better to edit the existing time entry or remove any conflicting time entries before adding the new time entries.

That's how you add, manage and delete time entries. If you have any queries on this please message us in our widget or contact us at

Updated on: 06/07/2022

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