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Managing Employee Time Entries

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Adding/Update a Time Entry

To add a new time entry is incredibly simple, just enter the clock in time, the clock out time and the the job if required as well as optional details including in location/out location and a note. When entering a time into the 'in' or 'out' time screen, you can specify this time in the following formats:

- 09:12 - 24 hour format
- 9.12am - 12 hour format with dot
- 9:12am - 12 hour format with colon

Simply click the save time entry button or go to the next row for the time entry changes to be saved.

Adding new time entry on the Friday

To add another time entry within a day, hover over the date section in the time entry view and press the plus icon that appears.

Add another entry within a day

Editing details of a time entry

To view or edit the details of a time entry, you can directly change the in time, out time as well as the job selected. To change other details on this time entry just click on the details panel or click on the three dots icon and press "Edit details". This will pop up a screen that will allow you to select details such as the in location, out location, (show a map if present) as well as the ability to add a note for the time entry.

Delete a Time Entry

To delete a time entry, just click the three dots on the right hand side of the entry and then click "Delete Time Entry". You will be asked to confirm deletion of this entry, once confirmed, the time entry is deleted.

Delete a time entry

Conflicting Time Entries

A common issue administrators run into is "conflicting time entries" error message which says the below "These times conflict with another existing time entry for this employee". What this means is that this time entry overlaps with an existing time entry, e.g. the employee may be already clocked in and has a time entry for that day, and if you added a manual time entry on top of that - we can't add that as it conflicts with their existing time entry. In that case, better to edit the existing time entry or remove any conflicting time entries before adding the new time entries.

In the example below we added another time entry where the employee clocked in at 3pm, even though the previous entry said he clocked out at 4pm. So this is obviously conflicting and is flagged - you will see also an "incomplete time entry" has been shown to indicate this time entry is not valid.

That's how you add, manage and delete time entries. If you have any queries on this please message us in our widget or contact us at

Updated on: 14/10/2022

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