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Each employee can be assigned into a team(s). Teams can be used to filter reporting, and limits can be set for how many team members can be on leave at one time. Team managers can also be assigned to each team, who can manage leave and timesheets for the whole team.

Configuring your teams

To set up a new team, head to Configure > Teams. When setting up a team, you can specify the employees who are in that team, and any team managers. You must set a user as a team manager before they will show in the 'Team Managers' dropdown. A team can have multiple managers, and a team manager can manage as many teams as required.

You can specify here the maximum number of employees that can be on leave at once. If this limit has been reached, any further leave requests for the same period will be blocked automatically. Admins can override this limit by manually entering leave for an employee.

Employees are not limited to one team, they can been assigned to multiple teams if required.

Filtering reports

Many of the reports in TimeKeeper can be filtered by team. This can be handy if you run separate payrolls for different groups of employees, or just need to export data for one team at a time.

Updated on: 13/03/2024

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