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Getting Started: Employee Guide

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So you may be reading this as your employer has decided to use TimeKeeper for recording time and attendance. This article is to help give you a guide on how to do the things that you may require to accurately track your time and attendance!

This guide will cover:

Getting set up
How to log in to TimeKeeper
How to clock in/out of TimeKeeper
How to request time off
How to access your timesheet
How to reset your password
Useful links

You may also wish to download our Employee Guide PDF here.

Getting Set Up

So the first interaction you will receive from TimeKeeper is either an email or text informing you that you have been signed up to the platform by your employer. Within this correspondence, you will receive two things:

A 4 digit pin (more explained below)
A link to set up your own password

So what do I do?
When you receive this email or text, just click on the link attached and enter in your desired password. This will give you access to your personal employee account and only you know the password. This invite link will expire within 7 days so if you don't set the password within that timeframe, you may need to get your TimeKeeper administrator to resend the invite.

What is the 4 digit pin?
TimeKeeper works on a variety of formats, one of which is on a tablet. The tablet shows a keypad - which allows an employee to walk up, enter their 4 digit pin and proceed to clock in.

So why do I need the password and the pin?
Well it depends on your employer. If they are planning to allow employees to use their mobile to clock in/out, then you require a password to log in to your own account on the TimeKeeper app. If you are using the tablet version, you will require the 4 digit pin to clock in to the tablet on-premise e.g. in the office or out on site.

How do I log into the TimeKeeper app and web portal?

Logging into the app
To log in to the app, download the app to your device (see useful links below) and log in with your email/phone number and password you set up. The email/phone number to log in with is included in the original email/text we sent you. The password is the one you configured.

Logging into the web portal
Same as the app - use your email/phone number and password. See web portal link below.

How to clock in and out of TimeKeeper

Depending on the settings your employer has allowed, you may be able to clock in on mobile, tablet or web. See below for the videos on how to clock into each.

Clock in on Mobile

Clock in on Kiosk Mode

Clock in on Web

How do I submit my timesheet on the app?

If your employer has given you permission, you may submit timesheets manually and edit your existing time entries via the app.

How do I request time off?

Similar to clocking in, you can request time off on mobile, web and tablet depending on your employer settings. See below for the videos on how to request time off on each.

Requesting Time Off on Mobile

Requesting Time Off via Kiosk Mode

Requesting Time Off on Web

When you make a leave request, you'll receive an email confirming it's been received, and one to let you know if it's approved or rejected by your manager. If you ever want to the check the status of your leave request, you can do so in the app by going to 'Services' > 'My Leave'.

How to access your timesheet and shifts

You have two options to check your timesheet, you can do this in the app or on the web portal. See links below for how to access each.

Accessing your shifts on the app

Accessing your timesheet on the app

Accessing your timesheet on the web

Viewing a job's details in the app

How to reset your password

In the event that you forget your password, don't worry. It's a simple exercise to reset it, simply follow the steps below:

Log out of TimeKeeper web portal if logged in
Click 'Forgot your password?' on the log in screen or go to this link
Enter in your email/phone number used to log into TimeKeeper
When you receive that email or text, click the link in the email/text - that will bring you to a web page to set up your new password
Enter in your new password and click "Reset password"
Your password has now been updated and you can log in with these credentials.

Useful Links

- Web Portal -
- TimeKeeper app on the Apple App Store -
- TimeKeeper app on the Play Store -

If you would like a certain topic to be added to this guide, please get in touch with us at and we'd be happy to add it to the list.

Updated on: 26/10/2023

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