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Inviting an Employee

Inviting an employee to set up an account

Once you've created an employee's profile, we'll automatically send them an invite link via email (or text, if you've only entered a mobile number) asking them to create a password for their account. This invite email also includes their 4 digit pin for kiosk clock in.

Resending an Invite

This invite link is only valid for 7 days - if they've forgotten to set up their account during this time, you'd need to resend the invite by clicking the green envelope next to their name in the Employee Directory.

No green envelope? This employee has already activated their account - they may just need to reset their password here.

If your employee is still having trouble resetting their password, you can do this for them in their employee profile.

Inviting an employee to download the app

If your employee has activated their account already, but needs to re-download the app for any reason (for example, they're using a new mobile device), they can download the TimeKeeper app from the App Store on their device.

You don't need to send another invite for them to do this - you can just send them this link or direct them here (App Store for Apple devices) or here (Google Play Store).

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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