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Xero Payroll Integration

TimeKeeper supports a seamless timesheet integration with Xero Payroll. Xero is an amazing accounting platform and TimeKeeper is (we think) a great time and attendance platform.

Why not combine the two? Record detailed employee timesheets in TimeKeeper and send instantly to Xero Payroll in a few clicks.

Why does this integration exist?

Well although Xero does have basic timesheet functionality - what it lacks is two things:

You can only enter hours durations into Xero Payroll
You have to perform the calculations manually (e.g. breakdown of regular hours versus overtime hours).

The TimeKeeper Xero integration allows you to record start and end times that employees clock in/out with and then calculate how much regular/overtime to send across to Xero.

How do I set up the Xero integration?

First you will need a TimeKeeper account, so if you do not have one, sign up at

TimeKeeper and Xero are both hosted in the cloud, so it's a simple straightforward case of telling us what timesheets you want to send to Xero for which employees.

In a few clicks, the data is transferred directly to your Xero Payroll for you to process your pay run. Check out the below video tutorial on how to get set up.


Does it take into account employee working patterns and overtime rules?
Yes! TimeKeeper has a sophisticated timesheet and overtime engine built in, when we export to Xero we export the correct amount of regular and overtime hours for each employee based on their working pattern.

Does it support matching time against Xero Earning Rates?
Yes! As part of the process of exporting, we'll help guide you through mapping your regular and overtime time rates in TimeKeeper to the equivalent Xero Earning Rates.

Does it support Payroll UK, Payroll AU and Payroll NZ?
Currently it supports Payroll UK and Payroll NZ. If you are a Payroll AU customer, get in touch with us at

Can you help our company set this up?
Yes - we will jump on a call with you free of charge to set up your integration between TimeKeeper and Xero as well as answer any queries you may have. It's really simple.

Common Issues

I'm getting the error 'Please check that you have setup Payroll in Xero' - what do I do?
So TimeKeeper can only pull data from Xero if you have setup Payroll first. To do this, go into Xero, select Payroll and click "Overview". Fill out the required steps to set up Payroll in Xero, then continue with your TImeKeeper integration.

I'm getting the error 'Employees Not Mapped'

This is as no employees have been mapped between TimeKeeper and Xero for that payroll calendar. Go back to the previous step and ensure that relevant employees with that payroll calendar in Xero have been selected.

I'm getting the error 'Invalid Pay Period - Looks like the date range 04/10/2021 to 10/10/2021 does not match to a valid pay period in Xero'

This means that the dates you have selected does not match the pay period dates in Xero. Go into Xero and check that the relevant timesheet pay dates match up for the relevant employee.

I'm getting the error 'Contact the TimeKeeper support team about export for this employee'
Reach out to us at and we will dive deeper on the issue.

Updated on: 24/04/2024

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