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Importing into BrightPay

TimeKeeper supports generating a CSV export that can be imported in BrightPay. It's a simple three step process.

Step 1 - Set up Employee Mapping Between the Two Systems

To configure the employee mapping between TimeKeeper and BrightPay, you will need to enter into TimeKeeper the Works Number of each BrightPay employee.

So for example, Jack Allan here has an Employee Reference of 123434.

We take each Employee Reference and enter that in the 'Internal Employee ID' section of their employee profile.

Step 2 - Run the BrightPay Report
Typically we recommend users to run the TimeKeeper Excel report to check over everything (as it's more user friendly). Then once happy with that, run the BrightPay
export from the Staff Timesheet Report screen.

This will generate a CSV file that you can import into BrightPay.

Step 3 - Import into BrightPay

Once the CSV has been exported, open it and up and take a look inside that you are happy with the data.

To import into BrightPay, simply:

Click "Payroll" -> "More" -> "Import Pay Records from CSV File" -> "Import Hourly Payments"

Select the downloaded CSV generated by TimeKeeper
The next screen will allow you to map what fields in the export map to what fields in BrightPay
Firstly, exclude the header row from mapping, that is only there for a guide for you

You will want to map the following:

Employee Works Number -> Map to Employee Works Number (this is what maps the TimeKeeper employee to the right employee in BrightPay)

I have mapped "Std Hrs" in the TimeKeeper report to "Payment 1 - Number of Normal hours". This includes hours worked + hours paid on leave. If I wanted to import only hours worked excluding leave, I would use "Std Hrs Minus Leave Hrs". Similarly, I've mapped "OT Hrs" to "Payment 1 - Number of time and a half hours".

Press Import and the data should be imported hours for each employee.

That's the import complete, sending data from TimeKeeper to BrightPay via CSV.

Final Note

The great thing about this, is after you have done your first import, BrightPay will remember the settings for the next time you have to do the import. So you can just click "Import" and select the file and you're done

Updated on: 24/04/2024

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