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Working Time Regulation Add on

Working Time Regulation Add on

This add-on helps ensure compliance with Working Time Regulations by enabling you to set and monitor maximum average working hours over specified periods. If these averages are exceeded, you will receive and be able to view alerts on the relevant dashboard. Employees can also be 'opted out' of the Working Time Regulation should they choose.

Configuring the Add On

You can configure the thresholds you want to monitor under Working Time Regulation Settings

Add on

TimeKeeper will monitor employee average hours, weekly, and notify you of any violations as shown below, these can be viewed under 'Discrepancies'.


Select investigate, this will allow you to review the details and employee hours:
Alert - Working Time Regulation Violation

Managing Regulation Alerts

Resolve Regulation Alert

You can then resolve, adding a note with the outcome:

Opt Employee Out of Working Time Regulations

Or opt out the employee out of the Working Time Regulations alerts:

Updated on: 29/05/2024

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