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Using Timesheet Approvals

Setting up Approval Settings

TimeKeeper has the ability for a multi-step approval process for timesheets. This means that a timesheet can be approved once, twice or three times by differing managers. In order to set up your approval process, follow the steps below.

Go to the Account section

Scroll down to 'Approval Settings'
To turn on approvals, click 'Enable Timesheet Approvals'

A new dropdown will appear asking which user roles (e.g. Manager, Team Manager or Administrator) can approve timesheets. Select the role that can approve the timesheet.

That's all that is required for a one step approval process, however if you want a secondary approver, you can click 'Require Secondary Approver'. Again a dropdown will appear allowing you to select who can approve the secondary timesheet. This will mean that a timesheet must be approved twice to be considered approved.

Repeat the same steps above for 'Require Third Approver' if you want a timesheet to be approved three times.

Press 'Save Settings' to enable your new timesheet approval process

Approvals Report

To actually approve or reject a timesheet, you can go to the Approvals report via the report section or alternatively by viewing under 'Manage' on the left hand sidebar.

Select a date range to run the approval reports, this may take a bit of time depending on the number of employees you can view. You will then see a screen like below.

You can click the 'Approve' button on the right hand side to approve the timesheet if you have the relevant permissions to or click 'Reject' to reject the timesheet.

What happens on approval?

The employee will get an email to inform them their timesheet has been approved to the next level. In the event, another approver is required, that approver will receive an email informing them also.

Key point, once a timesheet has been approved that employee time entries or leave cannot be changed for the approved period. E.g. if you approve 'Joe Bloggs' timesheet from the 1st March to the 8th March, then 'Joe Bloggs' cannot have his leave or time entries adjusted for the period between the 1st and the 8th of March.__

What happens on rejection?

The employee will get an email to inform them their timesheet has been rejected. In the event that other approvers need to be notified, these approvers will receive an email informing them also.

Updated on: 18/05/2023

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