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Creating Bank Holidays

This is an older guide for manually adding Bank Holidays via Group Booking. To add automatic Public Holidays using our new Public Holiday calendar feature, follow this guide.

To add bank holidays to TimeKeeper, typically we recommend creating a separate leave type first.

Creating a bank holiday leave type

Go to Leave
Go to Leave Types
Create new leave type
Enter the leave type as "Bank Holiday" and select whether it's paid or unpaid and whether it's deductible or undeductible.

Adding a Bank Holiday

Now that your bank holiday has been added, you can add employees on this leave. If you need to add multiple employees on leave, I recommend using the Group Leave Booking option on the wall calendar.

Finding Bank Holidays

Here's a little tool to help you find the upcoming public holidays. As you will see below, you can select the country, region and the year. Just click the row to set the date and off you go!

Skip emails on leave booking

We also introduced a setting to skip sending a leave confirmation email to each employee on group booking. This is helpful if you want to just book the bank holidays without bothering employees who already know and do not need to be notified.

Updated on: 13/01/2023

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