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Converting an Employee from Daily Leave to Hourly Leave

TimeKeeper supports employees booking off their leave either by days or by hours. By default, whenever an employee is created we mark them as their leave being managed in 'days' e.g. daily leave. However to change an employee from daily leave to hourly leave please see below.

NOTE: Changing an employee from daily leave to hourly leave is a one way street. Once you do this - you cannot change that employee back from hourly leave to daily leave. Please make sure this is something you want to do prior to confirming this change.

Changing an Employee from Daily Leave to Hourly Leave

To change an employee from daily leave to hourly leave we need to go through a conversion process.

First go to the Employee Directory and click the pencil icon beside the employee you want to edit.
Head to the 'Leave' tab. Below leave entitlement you will see a piece of text that says 'Allowance is tracked in days. Change to Hourly Leave Entitlement'.

Click 'Change to Hourly Leave Entitlement' - a pop up will show.
This popup is important - what it asks you is for a value to convert one day of leave into how many hours of leave e.g. say an employee was created with 20 days leave, their quota for the year might actually be 160 hours leave. Therefore in order to convert 20 days leave into 160 hours leave, we'd have to make each day of leave equal to 8 hours leave.

This will convert any days leave the employee has to hours leave, existing leave and leave requests from days to hours, convert days time in lieu to time in lieu in hours, carry over days to carry over hours. in this case, 8 hours conversion will change 28 days to 224 hours, carry over days will remain 0 (0*8 = 0) and remaining days will convert from 17 to 136 as 17 * 8 = 136.
Before you go any further, please read the note at the top of the page. This is an irreversible change so make sure this is something you definitely want to do.
To confirm, click 'Confirm conversion to hourly leave'.
Once the modal has disappeared - that's the employee daily leave converted to hourly leave. You will now see the leave total updated according to the conversion amount you specified.

How does an hourly employee book leave then?

Pretty straightforward - if an employee is an hourly employee they can book leave as everyone else does with a small few differences.

Booking within a day
When booking an day - an employee has to specify the number of hours they want to book off for that day. See "Duration in Hours" below.

Booking multiple days
Booking multiple days off is simpler - they just specify the dates and we compute the number of hours of leave that is based on the employee's working schedule. So if they work 40 hours a week Monday - Friday, 8 hours each day - then a 2 day leave booking would equal 16 hours leave.

If any of the above isn't clear - reach out to us on the chat bubble to the left corner and we can help!

Updated on: 08/08/2022

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