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Calendar Feeds

Calendar Feeds

To connect your TimeKeeper leave calendar to your Outlook, Google or Apple calendar, you'll need to subscribe to a calendar feed.

You can generate your Personal and Company calendar feeds by clicking on 'Calendar feeds' in the Wall Calendar.

Copy the correct calendar feed link.

Connecting to Google Calendar

Click the '+' icon and 'From URL'. Then enter in the calendar feed link to subscribe to the new calendar. Updates can take 24 hours to feed through to your Google Calendar.

Connecting to Apple Calendar

Click 'File' > 'New calendar subscription' and paste in the calendar feed link. You can then configure your subscription settings, including how often updates feed through.

Connecting to Outlook Calendar

From the Calendar screen, click 'Add Calendar' then 'Subscribe from web'. Enter in the calendar feed link, then configure your calendar settings.

Why is my calendar not updating?

So with calendar feeds, we update the feed on our side instantly. However these feeds are 'pull only'. This means that your calendar software periodically checks and pulls the latest events from TimeKeeper. Depending on your provider, they may pull these feeds at different times.

For example, Google Calendar says it checks for updates on calendar feeds every 12 hours however we have seen feeds taking longer than this.

Unfortunately this means it's mostly a waiting game for the feed to update. Apple Calendar is hands downs the best as you can specify how often the feed refreshes.

Updated on: 28/06/2023

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