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Clocking In With A Job

The default in TimeKeeper is to just clock in, however you can also clock in against a particular job. This will allow you to get insight into how much time is being spent on particular jobs for each member of staff. To enable clocking in against a job, you have to toggle a few settings as we describe below.

Administrator Steps - Toggle Setting on

Log in to the web portal and click 'Account'
Once the account section loads, you will see a section that says 'Clock Entry Settings'
Under this section, there is an option called 'Require Job on Clock In/Out'. If you toggle this on, then all employees will have to select a job on clock in
Click 'Save Settings' to save your new setting

Employee Steps - Clocking into a Job

For an employee it's super simple, they just log on the mobile app or the kiosk as usual. Then on clock in, they will see an option box asking them to select a job to clock in to. Just click on that box, select a job and then press 'Clock In'.

Updated on: 21/11/2023

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