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Do I need to set up Jobs or Locations?

Do I need to set up Jobs or Locations?

Before your employees start using TimeKeeper, you may need to set up either Jobs, Locations, or both. This guide should help you understand which options you need to configure, to get the most out of your reporting.

What is a Location?

Locations (previously called Kiosk Locations) are used to identify which of your business' sites a clock in came from. When setting up a tablet kiosk for multiple employees to clock in from, you'll be asked to select which Location your tablet device is at. All clock ins via that kiosk will then have that Location name attached to them.

Optionally, you can set up a geoboundary around your location, to automatically link any nearby mobile clock ins to the same Location. If an employee clocks in on their phone within this geoboundary, we'll note the Location name in the Details for that clock in, rather than the GPS street address. This will not block mobile clock ins outside the area - if you need to block clock in attempts outside a specific area, set up geofenced Jobs instead.

Locations can be used to filter your reports, such as the Who's In report, where employees clocked in at each Location are shown on the left hand side. Locations can also be used to filter your Roll Call reports in an emergency.

What is a Job?

Jobs are used for employees to track their time in TimeKeeper against multiple jobs, sites, projects or tasks, depending on your business' needs. On clock in, an employee will select a Job from the dropdown to begin tracking time. They can also switch between Jobs during the day.

Optionally, you can set up a geofence around your Job Address - this will block any clock in attempts outside the geofenced area, so your employees must be on site in order to clock in/out for that Job. If the Job Address is left blank, employees can clock in and out of that Job from any location.

We have multiple dedicated Job reports, which can be used to calculate how much time is being spent across each of your Jobs, as well as calculating estimated labour costs for each Job. Your Staff Timesheet Excel report will also contain a Job Summary tab, which lets you know how much time each employee has spent on each job over the time period.

Which is best for my business?

If you need your employees to track their time against multiple jobs or projects during the day, you'll need to set up Jobs by following this guide.

If you're looking to block clock in attempts outside a defined area, you'll need to set up geofenced Jobs by following the guide here.

If your staff use a mix of kiosk and mobile clock ins on site, and you'd like your Who's In report to group these clock ins together, you'll need to set up Locations with a geoboundary by following this guide.

Updated on: 15/02/2023

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