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Logging and Viewing Job Signatures

Logging and Viewing Signatures on a Job

Signatures can be helpful additions to Jobs that require a papertrail. Jobs in TimeKeeper don’t require Signatures as default, however they can be added. It’s also possible to enforce mandatory Job Signatures (such as sign off etc) before a Job can be marked as completed - this is configured in Settings.

Once logged into the mobile app, under ‘Jobs’ select the particular Job you want to add a signature to. You can then scroll down to ‘Add Signature’ which will open a new window with the required fields and steps. Once completed, press save.

Once logged into the Web Portal, under Configure - Jobs, select the Job you wish to view, and there be a ‘Signatures’ tab. This will include all the detail, notes, information associated with each logged signature with an option to view the signature as an image too.

Updated on: 13/03/2024

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