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Staff Timesheet Excel Report

Staff Timesheet Excel Report

The Staff Timesheet report is a report for running timesheets off for many employees at once. This video will cover the TimeKeeper Excel report.

We’ll run off a staff timesheet for the Fabrication team over a given date range. Once completed, TimeKeeper will generate and download a Microsoft Excel file.

The Excel file contains multiple worksheets.

The first worksheet “Employees Summary” gives a total of how many regular and overtime hours each employee is due along with some additional information.

The “Employee Logs” worksheet outputs each employee's daily clock in and out entries in a tabular format.

If we look at Jack, we can see time in/out, the job, breaks, time entry duration and total hours for each day. Below each employee is a quick summary of their total calculated hours.

The “Job Summary” worksheet will show the time each employee in this team has worked on each job over this date period. This example only has data for Jack.

The next worksheet “Employee Location Breakdown” will show time spent at each kiosk location.

Additionally, timesheet additions or allowances approved in that range will show on the following worksheets for things like bonuses or mileage.

This report should contain everything you need to calculate payroll for your staff.

Updated on: 23/02/2022

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