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General Settings

The settings page allows you to configure how TimeKeeper works for your business.

Some key general settings you should configure is your timezone, by default we use the London timezone.

The First Day of the Working Week settings dictates how your timesheets are calculated. By default, we calculate timesheets from Monday to Sunday. If you need to change this, then change this setting to the first day of your working week.

Clock Entry Settings

On signup, you are asked a number of questions to configure your clock entry settings.

If you need to change these, you can do this here via the clock entry settings.

These settings include whether you want a photo on clock entries.

If so, whether or not facial recognition should be enabled and what threshold of similarity should be used. We’d typically recommend a threshold of 90.

Additionally, you can set whether an employee has to select a job on clock in, whether geofences are being used and the default geofence radius in metres.

Reminders and Notifications

When an employee has forgotten to clock in and out, TimeKeeper will send an email reminder and push notification to get clocked in or out. These reminders go out 15 minutes after they were expected to clock in or clock out. We will also send an email to managers with a list of employees who may have forgotten to clock in or out.

You can toggle whether these reminders get sent out to employees or managers.

We have a very useful setting called Automatic Clock Out. This can either automatically clock out at the employee's expected finish time or their last clock in time. If enabled, TimeKeeper will only automatically clock out an employee if more than 6 hours have passed from their expected end time.

So this means that an employee can still work late and clock out if they require so. If they have forgotten, TimeKeeper will take care of automatically clocking them out and raising a discrepancy in the process.

Updated on: 23/02/2022

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