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Recommended Hardware and Accessories

TimeKeeper works with the majority of Android and iOS devices, so you're free to make your own choice on which to buy. There are a number of simple requirements that the device must have for TimeKeeper to run successfully:

Hardware Requirements for Tablet

If you are planning to use photos and facial recognition the device must have a front facing camera (to take clock in photographs)
The device must have internet connectivity be that over ethernet, data or Wi-Fi (preferred)
Hardware accessories should work in Portrait mode
We recommend using a device that was released no longer than 5 years ago.

Note: iPad Air models are no longer supported

Hardware Requirements for Mobile

The device must have a GPS sensor - i.e. the device must be able to detect "Your Location" in Google Maps
The device must have internet connectivity be that over ethernet, data or Wi-Fi (preferred)

This covers the majority of mobile and tablet devices. So if you have an existing Android or iOS device, it will likely work with TimeKeeper.

Generally we recommend a 10 inch tablet if using on-premise, as everything on screen will be easily visible.

7 inch tablets will also work fine, it just might be more difficult to see everything on a smaller screen. 

Samsung Galaxy Tablets
Samsung Galaxy A7 - Available on Amazon here
Samsung Galaxy A8 - Available on Amazon here

Lenovo Tab E10 10.1 Inch
10-inch Android Tablet
Available on Amazon

Tablet Mounts (Wall + Tablet)

Perhaps you want to fix your tablet to the wall or to a desk, if security is top of your mind. There are a number of options available. TimeKeeper currently only functions in portrait mode, so you need a stand that will allow you to fix the tablet this way.

Adjustable Tablet Stand

Available on Amazon
Sleek looking stand but unsecured.

Armour Dog Tilt and Swivel Mount

Can be fixed to the wall or to a table. Comes with a Kensington lock and key.

Available at Armour Dog


Wall Mount

Notes: Check out which devices work with the Bouncepad, as they are designed to suit specific devices
Available at Bouncepad


Rugged Cases

If the tablet will be used in an area where it requires extreme protection (such as a construction site), you may require a rugged tablet case.

TECHGEAR G-SHOCK Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 inch cover

Notes: Made for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 inch. Also check it's compatible with whatever size of tablet stand you choose.
Available at Amazon

Ethernet Accessories

If you don't have Wi-Fi, you might require a few adapters to both power your tablet and provide it with internet via ethernet simultaneously.

Power over Ethernet Accessories
Most tablets have 1 micro USB port, so you will need additional accessories to charge this tablet at the same time as providing internet through ethernet.

For Power over Ethernet to the tablet with charging, you can use this specialised adapter.

Simulcharge™ PoE Ethernet Adapter with Battery Modulation for Samsung Tablets

Can be powered via PoE or by 5v Samsung Charger. 

Note: Works for specific Samsung tablets only, see list below

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (10.1″) _*Tested personally and recommended_
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (8.0″, 9.7″)
Samsung Galaxy Tab E (9.6″)
Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0″, 9.7″**)
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (8.0″, 10.1″)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S (8.4″, 10.5″)
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro (10.1″, 12.2″)

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Updated on: 19/04/2024

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