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Managing Employees in the Directory

Managing Employees in the Directory

The employee directory will show all of the active employees within your business. To show archived employees, you can do that by clicking the ‘Show Archived’ button.

An archived employee is an employee account that has been paused. This means they currently do not have access to TimeKeeper and are not being billed for. This is particularly useful for temporary employees.

To archive an employee, you can click the box icon.

Archiving is a better option than deleting an employee in most cases. This is as archiving will keep the employee data on file. If you delete an employee, we will wipe any data related to that employee, including their timesheets.

The green envelope indicates this employee is yet to set up their password for their account. If you click this icon, we will resend an invite to that employee.

Updated on: 23/02/2022

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