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Making an Employee Request in App

Making an employee request

To make an employee request on the app, head to the 'Services' section and hit 'Make a Request'.

When creating an Add Time Entry request it will ask for start and end time along with a job if required, along with a reason and photo attachment if required.

Alternatively, you can make an Allowance request, in this case a Bonus being requested for £100 on a given date.

The Modify Clock In/Out request allows you to select a clock in/out time in the past and request that to be changed to a new time.

Finally, we have the Time Addition request, which requests that a number of hours be added to your timesheet on a given date.

So we’ll make a request for a Bonus and submit that. Once submitted, an administrator will get a notification email to manage this request.

Updated on: 19/10/2023

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