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Job Scheduling

Job Scheduling

TimeKeeper has the ability to schedule jobs for employees. This can be helpful in preventing back and forth communication between employer and employee, on what job they are meant to be working on. The job scheduler shows each employee along the left side, for the current week. To schedule a job, just click on a day for an employee.

This will ask you to specify the employees, the job and the dates they should be working.

Once added, you will see a red outline around each entry, indicating this schedule is pending.

Whenever you are happy with the schedule, you can press “Save Schedule” . TimeKeeper will notify the relevant employees via mobile push notification that their job schedule has changed. The employee can then view their own job schedule via the mobile app.

Additionally, you can filter the job scheduler to specific teams or jobs, which will help you with your resource planning.

Updated on: 25/10/2023

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