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Job Breakdown Report

Job Breakdown Report

The Job Breakdown report allows you to look at time spent on a job level, over the history of that job or over a given date range.

If we look at Andrew’s Construction in November 2021, we can see that there were 3 employees who worked on that job. Along with that, this will show the time spent by each employee on that job along with an estimated labour cost.

The total job time and labour cost will show at the bottom of the table.

The “Daily Summary” tab breaks down time spent on each day for this job.

The “Employee Timesheets” tab will show each employees relevant timesheet entries for this job in question. This can be exported to PDF or CSV if you require.

Finally, the “Location Events” tab will show any GPS clock entries for this job.

This report is really useful for job costing, and keeping track of whether your job is profitable or not.

Updated on: 23/02/2022

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