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Geofence Clock In FAQ

For additional security, you might want to set up geofences around certain jobs, to prevent employees clocking in and out when they are not on site. To do that, you can follow our simple user guide here.


Will my employees be clocked in / out automatically when they enter the geofence?

This simple answer to this is no. We do not track background location; in order to auto-clock your employees in or out when they enter and exit a geofence, we would need to track their location continuously, even outside of their work hours. This would obviously violate their privacy.

So how does the geofence work?

We record your employee's location only when they open the app and attempt to clock in or out. At this point, if we detect they are inside the geofence, they can clock in/out. If we detect they are outside the geofence, they will be prevented from clocking in/out.

Will it detect if they leave the site during the day?

Again, the answer to this is no. We do not track their location throughout the day. However, they would need to be on site to clock out again.

Updated on: 06/07/2022

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