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Employee Timesheet Report

Employee Timesheet Report

The Employee Timesheet report is for viewing the timesheets for a specific employee over a given date range. TimeKeeper will take all of the clock entries for an employee, and calculate the correct number of regular and overtime hours for that employee over a defined period.

Additionally, some high level overview statistics on lateness and absenteeism are shown on the overview screen.

The “Timesheets” tab shows the time in and out on each date, the job they were working on, any notes if present, breaks deducted and total time for that day.

This is exportable to PDF or Excel if you require.

The Job Summary screen will show time spent on each job over the date period.

The Time Entries screen will just show each clock in and out photo.

The Location Entries screen will show any GPS clock in entries on a map.

The Location Summary will show time spent at each kiosk location, if you need to see time spent across sites.

The Warnings screen will show any warnings to investigate if required.

Updated on: 23/02/2022

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