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Creating a Custom Request Type

Creating a Custom Request Type

This video is going to look into what employee requests are and how do you use them?

Employee requests are for employees to request changes to their timesheet that needs to be approved by an administrator as well as more general things like submitting an allowance like mileage to be linked to their account.

To add your own custom request type, you can do this via the Request Types section on the web portal. TimeKeeper adds some defaults for you.

There are various request actions. Let us explain these quickly.

An “Add Time Entry” request is a request to add a new start and end time for an employee on a given date.

A “Modify Clock In” is a request to change an existing clock in to a new time.

A “Modify Clock Out” is a request to change an existing clock out to a new time.

A “Time Addition” is a request to request a set number of hours extra on a certain date.

An “Allowance” request is a monetary expense to be linked on a certain date. Typically used for mileage and expenses.

We’ll create an allowance request to use in the next video.

Updated on: 23/02/2022

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