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Clocking In On Mobile

Clocking In On Mobile

Clocking in on mobile is as simple as opening the mobile app and logging in.

On the clock tab, press clock-in and a photo will be taken on the front facing camera which is stored along with the local time. The system will perform facial recognition to verify that the employee is who they say they are, and to prevent buddy clock ins.

Additionally, whenever an employee clocks in on mobile, GPS location is enabled and recorded by default. This can be found under ‘Show my Location’ and is indicated on the map with a blue dot.

When the employee clocks out later in the day, they navigate to the clock tab, press clock out, and take a picture. Likewise, their GPS location will also be recorded for this event.
Each of these features such as photo requirement, facial recognition, and GPS location can all be toggled on or off depending on the individual or business needs.

Updated on: 19/10/2023

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