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Approving/Declining Employee Leave Requests

Approving/Declining Employee Leave Requests

Managers and administrators can view employee leave requests on the TimeKeeper web portal and app.

Under Leave > Leave Requests, a list will appear with all open leave requests. You can view the information on this leave request, then approve or decline the request, with the option to provide a reason for declining.

In the TimeKeeper app, pending requests can be viewed in the Services section. Tap onto a request to view the details, then approve or decline the request.

Whether you approve or decline the leave request, TimeKeeper will inform the employee via email and they will be able to view the status of their requests in their app.

You can set a limit for how much notice an employee must give for their leave request, by heading to Account > Settings > Leave Request Notice Period.

Updated on: 07/12/2023

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