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26. Setting a Geofence for a Job

26. Setting a Geofence for a Job

TimeKeeper supports the ability for a job to be set up so that only employees within a certain distance of the site address can clock in and out. This prevents people from clocking into jobs for which they are not near to. To set up a job a geofence, follow the instructions below.

Two steps are involved.

Step 1. Enable Geofencing on Jobs

Go to the 'Account' section of the web portal

Click 'Require Job on Clock In/Out' if it is not already on

Click 'Enforce Geofence on Clock In/Out of Jobs' on

An input will appear asking you to specify what distance you want your Geofence Radius to be. This determines how close to the job an employee can clock in. We recommend at least 100 metres, as phone GPS can vary around 50 metres depending on the quality of the device. For larger sites, it might make sense to make this radius much larger.

Enter your metres value and then press 'Save Settings'

Step 2. Configure the Geofence on a Job

This bit is really easy. All we need to do is set a site address.

Go to the Configure -> Jobs Section of the web portal

Click add new job or edit an existing job
You will see a section that says 'Site Address'. Once you start typing in there, we search google maps for a matching address.

Click on the address you want to set as the site address and a map will show up. This means we have GPS coordinates for this job.

Press 'Save Job' - and now you've set a geofence up on this job.

Top Tip: If the site address isn't specific enough for the site in question, you can drag the marker on the map to a more accurate location that might be off the road. This will automatically update the GPS coordinates for the site, while the address will remain the same

Updated on: 22/07/2024

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