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25. Adding a Job

25. Adding a Job

Adding a job is super simple. Enter in a job name and click 'Save Job'.

This job will now be accessible for staff to log time against.

Basic Details

Job Number
Unique job number that is linked to this job.

Link this job to a client

Site Address
An address that is linked to this job. This will be used for directions to the job and if geofencing is enabled on your account, we will block any clock in attempts outside this area.

Expected Start Date
Expected job start date.

Expected End Date
Expected end date for the job.

Requires Signature
Whether job requires a signature - once enabled, signatures can be added to a job via the TimeKeeper app.

Other Details

Any notes, signatures, photos or documents associated with a job can be found on the associated tabs.

Updated on: 22/07/2024

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