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11.3. Scheduling Shifts in Rota Planner

11.3. How to schedule shifts

Before you can schedule an employee's shifts in the Rota Planner, you'll need to enable them as a shift worker by ticking 'Works Shifts' in their profile. If an employee has a fixed Working Pattern set, they'll still show on the rota planner, but their fixed Working Pattern can only be amended in their employee profile.

You can use the Rota Planner to assign shifts to your employees, if their shift pattern changes week to week. Employees who are on a fixed working pattern will show in grey and cannot be amended here. You can choose to only show Shift Workers on the rota.

Simply click where you’d like to place a shift and select the times. You can also set a break duration to be automatically deducted from that shift, and have the option to add a title and notes to the shift.

To move a shift, simply drag and drop to where you need it. Hold the 'Shift' key whilst clicking and dragging on the left hand border of a shift, to copy and paste it into a new cell on the rota.

To copy an employee's shifts onto another employee, click 'Copy shifts' then 'Paste shifts'. To copy your whole rota, click ‘Copy week’ and paste your shifts onto a new week.

To save your schedule, click ‘Publish rota’. This will send a push notification to your employees, to let them know that they have shifts available to view in the TimeKeeper app.

Updated on: 22/07/2024

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